It is with great pride and humility that we announce the most major development our team has undergone since its founding: We have become the Occupy Network.

Over the past year and a half we have sent 65 ‘Your Inbox: Occupied’ OWS newsletters. It has been a privilege to do so, and we have learned more than we ever could have imagined along the way. But as the movement has evolved, so have we.

At our founding, one of the primary issues facing Occupy Wall Street was the difficulty in keeping track of the many events. There were hosts of working groups planning all sorts of amazing actions in tandem. A primary role we took on was making sense of it all. We worked to provide an easily digestible weekly email that clearly spelled out what was happening when and where.

At this stage of OWS there are still amazing actions going on and still a need for chronicling them in due fashion. However, what has most changed is the difficulty by which would-be supporters on the outside can find a suitable entry point into the movement.

The Occupy Network is a place to discover Occupy.

Our goal is to leverage the collective power of our networks so that we can best bring together people who believe another world is possible — and are ready to build it.

Our aims are ambitious, sure, but we believe the Occupy Network is a grand experiment aspiring to meet the needs the times before us demand.

Join us on this journey, and stay tuned for much more to come!

A new report published by a German think tank is worth looking at. World Protests 2006-1013 doesn’t contain any major surprises, but our communities should take a look. The short version: citizens are angry at the world’s elites. More of them are taking to the streets. And increasingly, the protestors are sophisticated enough to place a finger on the lack of real democracy because of unaccountable corporations and multinational institutions.

Unfortunately, the authors do not address the question of what is to be done; that task is left to us.

Some of the points made:

The authors of this report are hoping to inform and guide elites to better evolve in a way that increases stability and restores trust. But we can read it as a how-to manual. This is what I took away:

The Road to 2016
As I see it, this will play out over the next few years inside the Democratic and Republican parties as contests between the old elites seeking to revitalize themselves and restore the trust and challengers to those elites. The Democrats have Elizabeth Warren vs. Hilary Clinton and the Republicans have upstart Tea Partyers like Ted Cruz vs. Chris Christie or Jeb Bush.

As a progressive, I think our job is making sure that we defeat representatives of the old elites. First in the Democratic Party, and then in the contest between the parties. (And regardless if you are a Democrat or even a voter.) There is no way in hell that our historic role in this moment is to strengthen Clinton’s left flank. As this massive upsurge in protests demonstrate, the right candidate – the best candidate – will advance the goal of transforming our corrupt systems, not serve as its most trusted confidante.